Sunday, October 11, 2009

Crockpot anyone?

I want to cook a good meal. Great! now what?

I needed a plan. First stop: book store. There was no way I was just going to walk into the kitchen and come out with a roasted chicken or a pot roast. I had no idea where to start. So i went to my local bookstore and browsed the cookbook aisle hoping for some inspiration and sense of direction. Talk about being overwhelmed! French cuisine , mediterranean meals, grilling,vegan recipes. Ahhhh! Where's the simple "this is how you make dinner" book i was hoping for?

After a couple of minutes of taking it all in, I found Fix it and Forget it. The concept seems simple enough. Throw all the ingredients in a slow cooker, wait a couple of hours and voila! dinner's ready. This seems like the perfect place to start. Next stop... Walmart. Time to buy a slow cooker.

Let's keep in mind I don't even know what a slow cooker looks like; which anyone watching me as i wondered through Walmart would have told you. I ended up in the section of kitchen appliances where I found out a slow cooker looks similar to a rice cooker. So how do you know what's a good brand? Which one do you buy? Having no idea what makes for a good slow cooker ...i started comparing sizes and prices.

It was here that I learned something knew.. I had heard the term crockpot before but it turns out crockpot is a brand of slow cooker. who knew? I thought a slow cooker was one thing and a crock pot was another. I know. I'm a sad excuse for a cook. I ended up going with one that was large and on sale. That way you get the most for your money..right? that's my approach anyway. so $24.99 later, I was the owner of a 7 quart black crockpot.

I'm ready. I have my crockpot and my cookbook. I've basically got half the meal over with! ha! I wish! my homework tonight is to go through the book and choose what my first meal will be. Can't wait!

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  1. you very help fuul, i want to try eat your cooking